In some respects an escort is like an actor playing out whatever part the director (client) wishes you to play. Looking back over my escorting career I’ve played the work colleague, former lover, dominant stud, and latest boyfriend. Whatever role you are required to adopt it’s up to you to ensure that you are not thestar of the show.

You must blend into the background and only shine if it serves to enhance your client’s ego or credibility.
  It’s about being a chameleon. For me the role of a good escort is to act as a sort of therapist. In the case of couples who wish to play out fantasies then you’re almost like a sex therapist. As a result of what you do the couple will see an improvement in their sex life.
A lot of single ladies you’ll meet will have “issues” to deal with, such as hang-ups concerning her body or a former partner who treated her badly. It’s your job to listen, empathise and reassure.

Men tend to deal with problems by offering solutions: that’s how we’re wired.
If you’re down the pub with your best buddy complaining about your car breaking down,
do you want him to put his arm round you, nod sympathetically, ask you how you really feel about it, hug you, offer you a tissue? No way!  You want him to come up with solutions and chew the fat.
Women however perceive premature solution giving as evidence that they’re not being listened to, and not being understood. To feel heard they require the former type of response.  You don’t want to be viewed as suffering premature anything. So, if you always find yourself interrupting people to voice your opinion or give solutions, then learn to hold back, bite your lip. It’s a fact that many people describe those who are excellent at listening as being more interesting – Golden Rule: be interesting.
Earlier I mentioned that your clients will generally be single. However, you will come across a number of clients that are still in a relationship and have merely hired you because they wish to exact revenge for an indiscretion their partner has committed, usually an affair with another woman.  In most cases she’ll be honest and tell you her reason for wanting to meet, but she may keep her real reason a secret.
I would advise you NEVER agree to an appointment where you and the cheating or former partner will both be in the same place, just to get him jealous, because the situation could turn nasty. If on the other hand you can ascertain that she truly doesn’t wish to get caught then if your moral conscience will allow, meet her. You can rationalise this by telling yourself that you’re helping to save the relationship by offering your discreet services, and that the alternative could mean her meeting some guy in a bar who she’ll eventually run away with. If you discover, whilst on a date, that your client does in fact have a partner and there’s a chance he may arrive during your date,

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then I’d advise you leave as soon as possible. You don’t know the other person and therefore can’t be certain of their reaction.
It is also highly probable that you’ll be contacted by married ladies. Should you escort them? Well, that’s entirely up to you and your own moral values.  I personally escort married ladies because I’m convinced that my service helps preserve marriages. Think about it.

Many relationships become stale and often couples stay married because of the security and for the sake of their children.  Lots of guys have mistresses or hire female escorts,

so why shouldn’t wives have a little fun… You will find that ladies who are willing to hire a guy for sex are able to completely separate their home life from you, the hired gun.

Well, almost. Surely, it’s far better for a person to have ‘sexual relations’ with a professional male escort who will not be become attached and encroach on their day-to-day family life or turn into a bunny boiler? For the lady who wants a little extra spice in her life the alternative is for her to have an affair. Doing this could end up wrecking the marriage and damaging the children psychologically.
  Another scenario that arises is where the guy suspects that his wife or girlfriend would cheat on him should temptation be put in front of her. One story that springs to mind is that of a very rich businessman who hired me to test his future wife. In essence he was paying me to try and sleep with her.


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