But now the blood of this God also contains the power of the demon, the effect can be imagined. Hua Qiangu knew that Bai Zihua felt guilty after being crucified for her, and now he saw him again because his injury was aggravated. Regardless of his own safety to come, is to imagine before he was poisoned, with their own blood to try, whether his immortal power can be completely restored as before. See the effect is so significant, the heart can not help but a happy, this trip really did not come in vain. She did not believe that she had given all the blood in her body to the master, but she could not cure his wounds. Hand slowly in the white painting on the shoulders, waist, back of a few wounds smeared, gentle as caress. Hua Qiangu felt hot and dry all over. The hand seemed to be boiling in boiling water, and it was so hot that it seemed to be burning. However, Master's body was as cool and smooth as jade and ice, and the stimulation was too strong. Hua Qiangu resisted the impulse of nosebleed and silently recited the Qingxin Mantra over and over again. Finally, she sighed and withdrew her hand, but accidentally crossed Bai Zihua's chest. Feeling his body trembling slightly, Hua Qiangu sat on the ground in fright. Dead, dead. Hua Qiangu hurriedly knelt down and kowtowed. The disciple didn't mean to offend the master. Look at Bai Zihua, he is still unconscious,china tile trim, but he should be slightly aware of the external environment. Unexpectedly. Unexpectedly. I ran into.. …… Hua Qiangu's face was red to the root of his neck. He was so ashamed that he looked at his right hand and wanted to chop it up with a knife and throw it to the dog. You Ruolian outside swallowed saliva, ah, she also wanted to touch ah. Well, think about it, just think about it. It took Hua Qiangu a long time to stand up, and his legs were too weak. Trauma is done, and then internal injuries and the recovery of immortal power,tile profile factory, may have to spend more blood. Hua Qiangu saw that the cut on his arm had healed automatically, so he cut his wrist again and put it on Bai Zihua's lips to let the blood flow slowly into his mouth. The almost invisible mark of the master between the white thrush was also proof that he was an immortal, and as more and more blood flowed into his mouth, the color slowly began to become somewhat obvious. Great, it really works. The power of the demon to heal its own body of God, the ability is still slightly limited, more or less will leave some traces. But when it is used on other people, it can cure all diseases and become a peerless panacea. So, I don't know if a person who has drunk his own blood can become an immortal even if he can't get the Tao? Hua Qiangu was overjoyed to see that Bai Zihua's immortal power was expected to recover. For the first time in my life, I felt slightly grateful and grateful for my identity. This is seriously injured in the body, also do not exercise self-healing, even if there is the power of the demon God, but was forcibly suppressed, the injury recovery is extremely slow. Now she had lost a lot of blood, stainless steel edging strip ,stainless steel tile edging, and her eyes were black. He was afraid that he would be the first to die before the master was cured. Hurriedly stopped the bleeding for a moment, raised his head, pale and slightly panting. Her mouth was dry, and when she saw the tea on the table, she staggered to her feet. I just took two steps, but my arm was pulled by someone. Startled, he turned around in a hurry, and before he could react, his body was pulled hard and flew to the couch. Unfortunately, my head hit the wall, and I felt dizzy. Before he could see what was going on, he had been turned over and pressed under it. 106. Entangled "Master!" Hua Qiangu was stunned for a moment, but when he saw Bai Zihua wake up, he turned pale with fright. Bai Zihua looked down at her, his eyes as dark as ink, as deep as a cave, but without any focus or light. Without a word, looking for the blood fragrance, he opened his mouth and bit it down. Hua Qiangu knew that he had lost his mind, but he just wanted to suck blood, so he quickly reached out to block his neck. Bai Zihua just bit her arm. The pleasure of piercing the skin and the bright red flowing color stimulate the bloodthirsty desire in the heart. Hua Qiangu's arm felt numb and seemed to be melting. He forced himself to return to his senses and fiercely pushed Bai Zihua away. A roll slipped out from under him, but before he could escape, he was pulled back by a hand behind him. In an instant, Master's face was less than two inches away. Hua Qiangu was so frightened that he retreated hurriedly, but his body was firmly imprisoned by a pair of powerful hands. He had to lean his head back and dare not look at him. At the same time, he quickly stretched out his hand to ask for his acupoint, but he did not expect that all the moves would be blocked by him. Shit.
She did not expect that if she drank the blood, the master's wound would heal so quickly and she would wake up soon. But although the body is awake, the mind is obviously not yet awake, still in a state of thirst for blood. It should be that while the blood of the gods and the power of the demons flowed into his body, there was a fierce conflict with his immortal spirit and injuries, which led to his momentary confusion, bloodlust and carelessness. He could not help blaming himself secretly, thinking that the blood could help the master restore his immortal power, but he did not think about how the master could bear such a serious injury now. She didn't care about being sucked by the master, but she didn't want to lose himself at the same time as he lost himself in the way he used to be too intimate. The master did not like this, and he should not tempt him with blood and make their relationship more ambiguous by losing his consciousness. But now Bai Zihua's immortal power is constantly recovering and strengthening, while Hua Qiangu is seriously injured, and it is impossible to subdue or stun him without the power of the demon God. And because at the moment he was not acting by consciousness at all, but only by instinct, even dementors had no effect on him. Most of Hua Qiangu's tricks had to be taught by him, and he couldn't beat him at all. You Ruo looked out of the window and was dumbfounded. She had wanted to see the master and the master kiss each other, but was it too intense for the two of them? Rolling around on the bed and fighting like crazy. Does she want to go up and help? Is that to help Shizu crush Shizu to suck blood, or to help Shizu crush Shizu to suck blood? At a young age, she was caught in a huge battle between heaven and man. Hua Qiangu saw that Bai Zihua's movements were getting faster and faster,stainless tile trim, and more and more immortal spirits were congealing all over his body. It was estimated that the blood he had just been fed should be enough. Now that Master's immortal body has been completely restored, the immortal power should also be restored. I'd better slip away quickly, or I'll be caught by him and sucked into a mummy. jecatrims.com