When Al heard the governor's question, he wanted to tear his head off and step on it. Of course, he understood the importance of that thing. He even thought that when the governor gave him that thing, he trusted his ability absolutely. But now the fact is that he lost it! With a heavy face, Al bent his knees and half knelt, and his voice was unusually bitter: "It's my dereliction of duty. I shouldn't have accompanied Miss instead of you. I.." Mulling interrupted Al and stood between him and the Governor with his arms crossed, explaining, "No, Father, I caused the commotion, and Al was pulled by the others.." Without waiting for her to finish explaining, Governor Mu waved his big hand and said with a smile, "If you lose it, just lose it." "Huh?" "Because it is a certificate that has been abandoned." The governor motioned to Al to get up, but the captain of the guard, who was easy to blame himself, insisted. Governor Mu had to stand beside the captain and told Mu Ling the reason. Before coming to the Bell Galaxy, Governor Mu's application for transfer has been approved. After accompanying his daughter to finish the test, he will take office in the new Cass Galaxy, so the identity certificate has now been changed in the system, waiting for the Star Source Crystal Card to be issued. You mean.. Al looked up and his eyes came back. Even if someone uses it to commit a crime, it will not involve me,Cantilever Storage rack, because the Covenant's resident filing system has no original information about me, and the Supreme Court will not recognize my guilt. I give you the discard card in order to use the above level to pass the level smoothly, after all, your level is not enough for you to lead Ling through the Instantaneous Gate. When Mu Ling heard this, a big stone in her heart finally fell to the ground. She happily put her arms around Al's neck and rubbed it against his neck: "Great, it's all right!" Al breathed tightly and grasped Mu Ling's wrist: "Miss!" It was the governor's biggest mistake in his life not to spend too much time struggling with the abandoned card. He was a little confused at this time, thinking about how to convey the meaning of Marshal Herero to his daughter. Finally, he opened his mouth and said, "Ling,warehouse rack manufacturer, Marshal wants to see you." Mu Ling sensitively noticed that his father had something to say. His heart sank. With a smile on his face, he said, "Father, you said it for the third time. Can you tell me why?" "Come with me." Watching the father and daughter leave, Al reached up his neck and put it on the tip of his nose to smell it gently. Her fragrance was like a remaining fingertip, which made him lose his mind for a moment. The Herero family is a famous family of the Covenant, because many members of their family serve as high-ranking officials in the army, and some of them are dependent on forces to carry out interstellar trade in the name of the family, which can be said to be a big tree in the celestial empire. The MAD building, where the core members of the family live, is magnificent. Under the leadership of the Governor, Mu Ling has gone through nearly ten processes of interrogation before entering the building. The broad and empty silver hall, without lighting settings, only natural light, makes the hall look very bright. Mu Liang, Steel racking system ,Industrial pallet rack, you're here. The white-bearded old man took off his uniform and smiled at the father and daughter in a simple celestial robe. This was not the first time Mu Ling had seen the old man, but the marshal who took off his uniform looked a little less cold and more gentle. Hello, Lord Marshal. Mu Ling did not forget to follow his father to salute the old man, I heard that the old man is a level eight star driver, this strength and status are worthy of respect and attention. I came to you to give Mu Ling a mental control test in advance. Marshal's eagle-sharp eyes glanced at Mu Ling, but the words of discussion were affirmative. Mu Ling glanced at his father, and Governor Mu nodded without objection. So she looked up and nodded quietly. "Yes, Marshal." The mental control test is very simple, because for the star people, their mental control is divided into four levels, the upper, middle and lower levels of mental control and no mental control. This kind of thing, which is similar to electromagnetic field, can change the color of crystals on special electronic instruments, according to the level from high to low, it can be divided into purple, red, yellow and white. The higher the grade, the darker the color, and vice versa. As long as it is a big family, it is prepared to have this kind of thing, in order to select high-quality upper class family children.
The test instrument was made of a colorless and slightly transparent piece of material, which felt very comfortable. The governor adjusted the touch point of the instrument to be the same height as his daughter. Then he touched a small point on the wall. Suddenly, except for the floor, the whole room appeared transparent, as if it were in the air. Standing in front of the instrument, Mu Ling took a deep breath and put his hand on it carefully. Now, imagine that you are the center of the universe, surrounded by countless nebulae revolving around you.. With the gentle tone of the governor, Mu Ling's spirit slowly entered a state of nothingness, as if he really saw countless brilliant colors revolving around him. The instrument gradually responded, and the color of the crystal changed constantly, leaving a deep surprise in the eyes of Marshal and Governor Mu. Father, father, "Mu Ling stretched out his hand to shake in front of the governor's eyes, his eyes full of doubts," what's wrong? This color.. Is there a problem? Mu Ling's spiritual control is not purple, red, yellow or white, but deep black, the black of the infinite universe, flowing in the crystal in the state of clouds and mists. Tianpin! My God! The marshal exclaimed, his fingers trembling slightly, "6000 years, 6000 years since the last star man who discovered this kind of spiritual control!" The governor hugged Mu Ling happily and rubbed her head: "Great, Ling!"! With this kind of spiritual control of the Star, the worst is also the level of the six-level star division or exorcist ah! Originally, in addition to the four common levels, there is a kind of black mental control, the kind of mental power that can control a large number of star source energy after learning and exercise,long span shelving, which is called Tianpin, but because of its scarcity, it is hardly used as a criterion for testing. Mu Ling finally breathed a sigh of relief and had a feeling of groping for the future.